Amy Frogge, a public school parent herself, is a strong believer in our public schools and ensuring they succeed for our children. Among her first term accomplishments:

  • Reduced standardized testing imposed on our youngest students
  • Ensured all young students have recess daily
  • Expanded foreign language courses to all middle schools
  • Expanded district’s community schools initiative
  • Led charge to instill a new focus on responsible use of education tax dollars to ensure all district students are properly served

Amy has been named School Board Member of the Year and Hero of Public Education by national publications.

Addressing Excessive Testing

Standardized testing has become excessive, contributing to a 25% loss of instructional time in local schools. These tests do not provide useful information for our teachers or help students succeed. It’s imperative that we reduce time spent on standardized tests in order to inspire the joy of learning in children.

Improving School Facilities

Our local schools are crowded and aging. We are working toward expanding capacity and updating the facilities at numerous schools in the area, and with the support of the Mayor and Metro Council, our board hopes to move forward on these efforts. Our students deserve adequate facilities that serve as welcoming places to learn.

Whole Child Education

Every child is best served with a rich, broad curriculum like that offered in our finest private schools. Activities like art, music, physical education, and unstructured time increase achievement, particularly among our most vulnerable students, and aid in the social and emotional development of our children.

Pre-K Advancement

It is vitally important that students come to school ready to learn. Developmentally sound, evidence-based pre-K programs that are effectively implemented help higher risk students catch up to their more prepared peers, provide rich new learning opportunities, and build enthusiasm for learning.

Funding for Local Schools

Tennessee’s schools are chronically underfunded, consistently ranking in the bottom five states in the nation. This has caused school districts across the state to demand adequate state funding for schools. We must ensure that Nashville’s schools have the resources they need to best serve our children.

Supporting Teachers

We must not only recruit excellent teachers and provide them with engaging and effective ongoing professional development, but ensure that we retain excellent, experienced teachers by supporting them, paying them properly, and providing a positive work environment that allow our educators to be most effective.

Community Schools

Using public schools as hubs, community schools attract community partners to offer supports and opportunities for children, families, and communities. These schools integrate academics, health/social services, and community engagement, leading to improved learning, stronger families, and healthier communities.